Conference Chair

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Conference Chair

Synchro Control
The synchro control allows you to tilt the conference chair back without your feet coming off the ground. This simple feature makes it immeasurably more comfortable because people can actually move back rests without leaving their seats or fidgeting from side to side.

Meeting attendees may also lock their chairs into position. Some people who were raised on typewriters and basic data processing may want to sit leaning slightly forward. Others with weight issues may want to lock the back into position for added support.

3” Thick High Resiliency Foam Seat with Waterfall Front Edge
You would be surprised how often some manufacturer makes a conference chair that does not have sufficient foam in the seat. Not only does the Viper 510 have a full 3″ of foam, it has a waterfall edge that relieves pressure on the front of the legs.

Clean Back Design with No Visible Connectors or Screws
Very few conference environments can get away with looking cheap. True, Viper chairs are not designed for standard, highly formal boardroom. Nevertheless, there is still a certain modicum of decorum in even a small conference environment. A conference chair with visible screws or connectors violates this decorum and creates a glaring distraction in the room.

Curved Lumbar Back Support in Soft Knit Mesh
Soft mesh is much better for a person to sit on for long periods of time. This is true for both men and women, but women in particular appreciate soft mesh. Hard mesh has a tendency to dig into the skin if a woman is wearing a very thin blouse. Soft mesh also allows the back to breath, which is more comfortable for men and women regardless of the temperature in the room.

Cantilever Arms
Cantilever arms are better for a conference chair because they are all at the same height. While it has been documented that adjustable T-arms re more comfortable, they do not work for most conference rooms because each person adjusts the arms to different heights.

In a conference room environment, the uniform heights of cantilever arms are favored because they generate a uniform presentation of height.