Task Office Chairs

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These task office chairs allow you to do your job with greater comfort and ergonomic support. One of the more notable design features of these chairs is the foam seat with what is called a “waterfall” front edge. Foam is probably the most comfortable surface you can sit on. The sculpted front edge, which resembles the contour of a waterfall, offers more than a decorative look. The curvature of the edge actually reduces the pressure on your legs. Task office chairs like these are built with a 3″ high molded contoured foam, which is thicker, more durable, and more comfortable than the industry standard cut foam.

These task office chairs also offer superior lower back support and a more comfortable position at rest. The actual back rest is made from soft, knit mesh, not the industry standard hard mesh. For some reason, many manufacturers prefer hard mesh because they believe it to be more impervious to accidental damage. Hard mesh, however, is not very kind to the back. It is most notably uncomfortable to women wearing light blouses. Viper task office chairs feature a much more easy on the back, soft mesh does not cut through the clothes and press against the skin. Experience has proven soft mesh to be equal to hard mesh in durability but much more amenable to proper back support. The curved back rest offers additional support to the lower back by reflecting the curvature of the spine.

Add style to ergonomics, and you have task office chairs that can support your interior design just like they support your arms, shoulders, and back. The larger, 60mm casters make the chair appear more expensive than it really is. The key to their superior aesthetic is their lack of a caster hood. Hoods cheapen the appearance of a chair, so it is better from an interior design standpoint to invest in the larger, non-hooded casters.