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Office Seating For Guest & Training Room Attendees

Of all the ergonomic office seating options we offer, perhaps nothing compares to the investment protection power of the VOC-560. Built for seminars and corporate training events that often costs thousands of dollars, this task and guest seating chair gives you the best opportunity to earn a return on your investment in human knowledge and production.

To get this return on investment, you must ensure that your guests retain the information you present so they can use it productively in future business endeavors. Distractions of any kind are a threat to ROI. Some distractions are so damaging to knowledge retention that they might as well be called “information blockers.” Perhaps the most common of all information blockers–and ironically, the easiest to remedy–is uncomfortable office seating.

When guests are forced to sit for hours in uncomfortable chairs, they often end up leaving the room repeatedly just to get a break from the physical stress that poorly designed office seating inevitably produces in the lower back, legs, shoulder, and neck. Such departures amount to money walking out the door–literally– as guests focus more on alleviating their own aches and pains than they are in learning and applying what you are paying for them to learn. Yet something so simple as affordably priced office seating for your training room can literally turn your employees around and bring them back to a point of focus, learning, and productive guided instruction.

Viper office seating for guest and training facilities is designed to bring the most advanced ergonomic features to the lower end of the price scale. Features like a 3″ molded foam seat and soft nylon armrests provide an exceptional level of support to both the lower body and the arms. If your trainees are participating in group work that requires them to move around, you can fit your office seating with casters in place of glides. The curvature of the chair back also provides superior support for the lower back when listening to a long presentation for a long period of time. When the training is over, you can flip the seats up for convenient, space-saving nested storage.