Mesh Office Chair-VOC-J410



The VOC-J4510 is a Value oriented task chair which has excellent quality & features at a very affordable price.

Probably the most practical–and the least expensive–way to do this is to purchase a Viper VOC-510 or VOC-520 soft mesh office chair.  Then, let each employee use it for a period of time.

Much like test driving a vehicle, it is important that they use the chair enough to experience all of its features.  Rather than have each employee  sit in the chair for just five seconds before giving you feedback, let each employee to try it for a period of time.A great way to do this without disrupting process flow is to put a Viper mesh office chair in the conference room.  Have each employee take turns moving to the conference room to work.  This will allow everyone in the office to have sufficient time in the chair to give a detailed evaluation of its performance.

Of course, when evaluating a soft mesh office chair, you need to ask the right questions to get the information you need.  The following suggestions are questions you can use to evaluate your mesh office chair.

  • Are the adjustments easy to understand?
  • Can you sit in the seat for a long period of time and remain comfortable?
  • Do you have to read the instructions to use the controls, or are the controls intuitive?
  • How does the mesh on the chair back feel compared to the chair back of your current chair?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, how would you rate the mesh office chair overall?

You will find that almost every employee gives the Viper mesh chair a 4 or a 5.  That is because our chairs are designed with a high quality aesthetic that is valued by corporations concerned about the appearance of their office.  At the same time, we equally value the health and wellness of employees, so we follow the most stringent ergonomic  standards when manufacturing mesh office chairs.

Even the mesh itself is based upon a higher standard of comfort.  Hard mesh simply is not as comfortable as soft mesh.  Our task chairs allow employees to sit for longer periods of time without ruffling clothing or having marks cut into their backs.  Once you have your employees test one Viper mesh chair, no doubt they will want every chair in your office replaced with a Viper equivalent.

  • Synchro Control with Height, Tension and Free Float or Upright Position Tilt Lock
  • 3” Thick High Resiliency Foam Seat with Waterfall Front Edge
  • Curved Lumbar Back Support in Soft Knit Mesh
  • Height Adjustable Arms with Soft Touch Contoured Pads
  • Clean Back Design with No Visible Connectors or Screws
  • Black Nylon Plastic High Profile Base w/ 60 mm Casters


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